Thom Russo

In celebration of the release of SpectraFoo Version 4 for Mac OS X, Metric Halo has announced that for a limited time new licenses of SpectraFoo Complete bundled with any +DSP enabled Mobile I/O will be available at a savings of US$700. Purchase the award winning SpectraFoo Complete with either the acclaimed 2882+DSP or the Golden Ears favorite ULN-2+DSP from Metric Halo Authorized Dealers or directly from Metric Halo's secure webstore.

SpectraFoo Complete is a world-class signal metering and analysis suite with power, phase, spectrum, and history analysis tools for broadcast, studio, and live sound applications. With over twenty high-speed, high-resolution tools designed to display all of the information today's engineers need, SpectraFoo is a requirement in every audio environment. Mobile I/O+DSP is a 1RU FireWire interface with superior A/D conversion, FireWire Stack, global router and MIO WIDE Mixer. All Mobile I/O channels feature 24-bit, 96kHz converters, with individually selectable mic preamps and discrete phantom power, making the units powerful, compact and complete recording front-ends. The 2882+DSP, with 18 simultaneous inputs is perfect for high channel count recordings, and the ULN-2+DSP provides 2 high gain, low noise preamps and front panel memory register for easy and fast recall of complex configurations.

The SpectraFoo Reloaded promotion will run until October 17, 2005. Download a full color brochure with a detailed description of the features and benefits of the SpectraFoo Reloaded bundles. Pricing is set at US$2295 for SpectraFoo Complete bundled with a 2882+DSP, and US$1995 for SpectraFoo Complete bundled with a ULN-2+DSP.

For more information, please contact the Metric Halo Sales Department at <sales@mhlabs.com>, or by dialing +1 (845) 223-6112 worldwide.